‘no pulitzer prizes here’

Ach so, I was on BBC Radio Scotland’s Book Cafe yesterday. Click here to listen again on iplayer. It was a lot of fun. Started off chatting with author and editor Susie Maguire and presenter Edi Stark about the continuing Scottish fascination for crime fiction, then did a review type thing with Edi discussing Ross Raisin’s Waterline and Aatish Taseer’s Noon.

This is not the Radio Scotland logo, but it should be cos it's cool

We blethered on longer than expected cos their star guest, Pulitzer Prize-winning Michael ‘The Hours’ Cunningham, did a no-show. Tube. Anyway, I didn’t swear or punch anyone, so another live radio experience successfully navigated, I reckon. Lemme know whatcha think. It’s always weird doing live radio – I develop a nervous cough each time I do it. I also talk way too fast. And high. Like one of the mice from Bagpuss. Ho hum.

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