the ossians back from the dead

Just spotted a quite amazing in depth review and discussion of my second novel, The Ossians, over on the Dear Scotland blog, huge thanks to Alistair Braidwood for that. Not bad for a book that came out over three years ago, I guess. Haven’t thought about The Ossians in a long time, and it kinda brought back memories, which is a wee bit weird really. Memories of a bunch of fictional guys I made up in my head? What’s that about?

Anyway, without being too fucking coy about it, I’m probably going to have to think about The Ossians a fair bit more in the near future, as there have been some interesting developments on that front. Nothing massive, just something that will hopefully keep the ball rolling a wee bit longer. Watch this space and all that pish.

Also, the Dear Scotland thing is worth clicking on if only for the King Creosote and Sigur Ros videos posted along with the article. Quality.

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