The Jump is out in the US!

The Jump pb

So The Jump is finally out in the US. Fly, my pretty, fly! Or, more importantly, buy it HERE.

There has been a flurry of reviews, pieces I’ve written and giveaways, check it all out below. Huge thanks to all bloggers and reviewers who have given their time and energy to this, and to Shara Zaval, who pulled the blog tour together at Faber US. Cheers!

An amazing review by Sabina in Gutter magazine.

A total rave over at The New York Journal of Books by Chris Beakey.

A lovely write up at Novel Ink blog by Erica Miller.

Very considered stuff by Mariana over at Joie Des Livres.

And a piece I wrote for the same blog about publication called Giving Birth or Splitting Up.

A great review by Ayah Assem, plus a thing I wrote about my writing process, both at Dystopian Citzn blog.

Here’s a thing I wrote on The Character of Place for The Reader’s Room.

Here’s a video of me playing a Frightened Rabbit tune in my back garden, at The Suspense is Thrilling Me blog.

And Chelsea Humphrey’s very kind review of the novel at the same blog.

A pretty frank interview with Jane Hamilton at The Daily Record about the subject matter of the book.

Something I wrote about the book called Suicide Isn’t Painless, over at Book Reporter.

Here I am at Mystery Readers Inc writing about the inspiration behind The Jump.

Here’s a fascinating Q&A I did over at Book Savvy Reviews.

Terrific review by Ali at The Bandar Blog, as well as a thing I wrote recommending my favourite recent crime novels.


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Ten Years of Disturbing the Crap Out of Readers


It’s ten years to the day since my first novel, TOMBSTONING, was published by Penguin. HUGE thanks to all readers and supporters over the last decade. It’s been a laugh, eh? Also, special thanks on this anniversary to Judy Moir, my first editor who took a chance on me way back then. Here’s to the next ten years of annoying self-promotion!

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The Jump, US Blog Tour stops 1 & 2


So the US blog tour has started. First up was The Bandar Blog where Ali gave the book a great review. Thanks Ali! There’s also a thing I wrote over there, recommending a bunch of great books I’ve read recently. And there’s the chance to win a copy of The Jump, so definitely check it out.

Next up was Book Savvy Reviews, where I did a penetrating Q&A about the book’s subject matter and main characters.

More in a bit. Enjoy!

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The Jump – coming soon in the US

The Jump pb

The Jump is coming out soon in the US, so expect a wee flurry of reviews and blog posts soon. Here’s the first review I’ve seen, over at The Suspense is Thrilling Me, and it’s a doozy. Thanks Chelsea Humphrey!

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Echoes of Edinburgh


Hey folks, I recently took part in a University of Edinburgh project called Echoes of Edinburgh, where I was interviewed and spraffed on about all sorts of guff. Check it out here. Enjoy!


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Some Random New Reviews

Just spotted a few random new reviews of older books.

First here’s Hit & Run getting a wee rave at The TLE Books blog.

Next is Hit & Run again, this time author and reviewer Chris Beakey absolutely loving it on his blog.

And Tombstoning gets a welcome dust down courtesy of Sarah Hardy over at By The Letter. In fact, Sarah is a one-woman Doug J publicity machine, and here’s her review of The Dead Beat. She’s also done Gone Again and The Jump. Have I missed any, Sarah? Thanks!

Thank you, all! Dx

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My latest Big Issue reviews


illustration by Dom McKenzie

Here’s a round up of my latest Big Issue book reviews, with one-word summaries:

James Sallis, Willnot (No Exit) – sublime

SJI Holliday, Willow Walk (Black & White) – horrific

Melissa Ginsburg, Sunset City (Faber) – classy

Robin Wasserman, Girls on Fire (Little, Brown) – atmospheric

Tim Winton, Island Home (Picador) – thoughtful

Mary M Talbot and Bryan Talbot, The Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia (Jonathan Cape) – striking


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