We’re living in the future, right? So books are not just about boring old words, you gotta have podcasts, live readings, trailers, songs, tag-team wrestling bouts, whatever. This page is where all that crap comes alive, my friend.


Here’s me being interviewed at the Edinburgh International book Festival by Writers’ Stories, talking about The Jump.

Here’s me playing a cover of Low’s ‘Holy Ghost’ for The Writers Bloc.

Here I am reading three short stories, ‘There are Easier Ways to Kill Yourself’, ‘The Funeral Crasher’ and ‘Beyond the Heliopause’, playing some tunes then answering questions from the audience. This all happened in Brno in the summer, as part of the Měsíc autorského čtení 2014.

Here’s an awesome trailer for Hit & Run made by my good friend Ewan Morrison.

Here’s me getting some grey matter under my fingernails at Words Per Minute 11.

Here’s me and Ewan Morrison as furry animals discussing Smokeheads.

Here’s a fantastic trailer for Smokeheads, made by the brilliant Scottish writer Ewan Morrison. ‘Goddamn you play a mean banjo.’

Here’s Doug performing a song by his old band Northern Alliance called ‘Preston Falls’. This was at the amazingly funky and hip Words Per Minute. Choice quote: ‘Guitars won’t help us here.’

Here’s Doug playing a newer song called ‘Bjork is Calling Out From the Wreckage’, also at WPM. Choice quote: ‘She’s violently happy.’

Here’s an older performance of ‘St Andrews Day’, a song by Doug’s fictional band The Ossians. This was in Dundee. ‘I know that we’ve been drinking, but I’ve had a great idea.’

And here are a couple of things Doug had completely forgotten even doing. The first is a version of King Creosote’s ‘Musakal Lives’ with KC and Vic Galloway on backing vocals, the second is an early version of solo song ‘Keep It Afloat’. Both of these were at the Fence Homegame in 2007.



I took part in a University of Edinburgh project called Echoes of Edinburgh, where I was interviewed and spraffed on about all sorts of guff. Check it out here. Enjoy!

Here I am blethering to Ali Braidwood again at Scots Whay Hae, this time about The Jump.

Here’s Doug blethering about The Dead Beat to Ryan Van Winkle for the Scottish Book Trust’s podcast. Subjects include suicide, slackerdom and generation gaps.

Doug had a good chat with Ali Braidwood over at his Scots Whay Hae blog. They went to the pub and recorded themselves talking shite. Then they killed some dogs and went home. Read all about it and, more importantly, listen to some full-throttle blether here. Go on.

Doug read recently at the wonderful Words Per Minute alongside writers Katy McAuley, Margaret Callaghan and Amy Burns, and singer songwriter Michael Cassidy. He read the nastiest bit of Smokeheads. You can hear the whole event over here. Beware, Doug’s bit is really pretty fucking nasty.

Doug did a podcast recently with Ryan van Winkle, the poet in residence at the Scottish Poetry Library and all round renaissance guy. Doug told the listeners to all kill themselves because life has no meaning, but they cut that bit out. Spoilsports. You can listen to it here.

And here’s a chance to hear Doug read from Smokeheads, as well as play a couple of songs, at the Let’s Get Lyrical Cargo Publishing v Chemikal Underground night at the end of Feb. Also performing on the night were Kirstin Innes, Rodge Glass, Ryan van Winkle, A.L. Kennedy, Lord Cutglass and Emma Pollock, and you can here it all here.

If you want to hear more music, fire on over to Doug’s bandcamp page, or head over to the Northern Alliance or Ossians myspace pages on the links list.

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