publishers and authors of ebooks (or just books) – get your book reviewed, maybe

Folks, one of the many journalism things I do is the weekly books round up for The Big Issue magazine. I also sometimes write the lead reviews and the book features. Anyway, I’m always on the lookout for great new books to include in the round up. I have most of the big publishers’ catalogues, and plenty small ones, but I’m now specifically looking for ebooks to include. If you publish or write ebooks available to buy in the UK, drop me a line at and tell me about it.

Naturally I can’t promise to review something, we only have space for four books per week, but if it’s interesting and timely, it’s got a decent chance of getting in. By timely I mean that it has to be initially available for the first time in its current format from about now onwards, as to open myself up to previously published ebooks would sadly be too much of a tidal wave of ebookery.

I realise that there is very little opportunity for ebooks to get review space in traditional print media, and I’m trying to rectify that. The slightly ridiculous thing is that, at the moment anyway, The Big Issue books round up is NOT online. Nothing I can do about that, but if I do review the book I’ll try to alert you in time, or I could always forward on the copy from the review.

Also, if you are a small independent press and you don’t think I have your details, please get in touch on the email address above.

Please don’t send me books or ebooks on spec – just get in touch in the first instance and let me know what you’re up to. I prefer to request specific titles rather than get flooded with random stuff.

All best, and look forward to hearing from y’all.

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