smokeheads launch party

So I’m having a launch party for the new novel, Smokeheads. It’s a highly exclusive affair, which is why I’m posting the invite here on my blog. And setting up a Facebook page. And Tweeting about it. Please do come:

You’ll notice that cheeky little logo near the bottom for Smokehead whisky, who are providing free booze at the event. Very nice of them, and a lovely dram it is too, if I may be so bold.

I should mibbes point out that, hand on heart, I did not name my novel after a whisky so that they would give me freebies. Honest. In fact, I didn’t know about Smokehead until after I’d started writing Smokeheads. I first came across the word on a whisky website forum somewhere, referring to fans of Islay whisky, cos of its peatiness and smokiness, and as soon as I saw the word, bam, I had a title.

So what should I call the next novel – Audi are Great? I Want an iPad? Hmmm.

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