whisky galore meets deliverance

So, you spend a few months planning a novel, then some more months writing the thing, then some more months editing it. Then if you’re lucky it gets signed up, edited, copy edited, proof read etc, etc. Then you have to boil it down to a Hollywood-style one-line pitch.

So my forthcoming novel Smokeheads is ‘Whisky Galore meets Deliverance‘. More accurately, it’s ‘Sideways-with-whisky-instead-of-wine meets Deliverance‘, but that’s not quite so catchy. Anyway, if you’re having trouble getting a feel for what Whisky Galore meets Deliverance might feel like, here’s a visual aid. Watch this:

Then watch this:

Two happy singalong songs to get you in the spirit of things. Or not. Actually, if you watch them both at once, it’s quite freaky.

But I like this idea of ‘something meets something’. What’s the best we can come up with? Caddyshack 2 meets Crime and Punishment? Dude Where’s My Car meets Paradise Lost? I’m sure you can come up with much better ones. Can you? Please?

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3 Responses to whisky galore meets deliverance

  1. Metal Hands says:

    American Pie meets Pi. Troubled maths genius discovers secrets of the stock exchange by sticking his cock in an apple crumble?

  2. ewanm says:

    Yee ha! what an excellent mash-up – OK, I’ve tried a few variations but it works best if you start deliverance two minutes twenty seconds before whisky galore – then they sync up in a way which can only prove that the scots must have settled the deep south of the U S of A. All the best Doug!

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