podcast and press coverage

OK, so I did a podcast a while back with Ryan van Winkle, the esteemed writer in residence at the Scottish Poetry Library. It was for the UNESCO City of Literature Let’s Get Lyrical campaign, running throughout February. Which is a lot of fun. Anyway, the podcast is up on their site and you can hear it here. It’s half an hour of blether, taking in Adam and the Ants and Motorhead. As I predicted, they edited out the hilarious bit where I told the listeners to all kill themselves. There’s an old Northern Alliance track at the end, if you get that far.

In other press news, I’ve been interviewed by The List and The Skinny, I guess those pieces will appear soon. I’ve also written a first-person thing about me, my book, the state of publishing and other affiliated nonsense for The Big Issue magazine. It’s out today, I think, although I haven’t seen it yet and it’s not online. As for reviews, I got news the other day that one’s coming in Gutter magazine, out at the end of Feb. Fingers crossed, eh?

And, erm, that’s all for now. See ya.

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