and so it begins

So, just getting geared up for the promotion of Smokeheads, out 3rd March, folks. Been interviewed a few times, and the first bit of coverage has appeared in Hot Press magazine in Ireland, and here it is. In which I slag off the London publishing industry. Doh. Silly me.

Look out for other coverage coming soon, including a mention in a Scottish Review of Books feature on the state of Scottish literature or something, an interview in The Herald and something in The List. More to follow, hopefully.

Also, I recently recorded a podcast with the inimitable Ryan van Winkle of the Scottish Poetry Library, to tie in with the Edinburgh UNESCO City of Literature Let’s Get Lyrical Campaign. In which I extolled all listeners to kill themselves because, and I think I remember this correctly, ‘there are no answers’. How we laughed. Although they might edit that out. I really think I have to brush up on the interview technique. Or maybe not. I’ll link to the podcast once it’s up.

Aye so, that’s all for now. More very soon, especially some news about the launch party for Smokeheads. Which will include FREE whisky. Courtesy of some very nice whisky makers.

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