I started a new job last week


Last week I started working as writer-in-residence for a funeral directors in Edinburgh. I’m already tremendously impressed with the respect, grace and empathy of all the staff I met. It’s going to be an intense and strange few months, but I’m very excited about it. So far, it has been not much at all like Six Feet Under. And before you ask, yes, I did see some dead bodies.

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4 Responses to I started a new job last week

  1. Sarah Hardy says:

    Never seen a dead body and don’t know if I would want to either. Think it would freak me out.

  2. JA Condie says:

    What an interesting and unusual project. Will you be working with the bereaved or is it more of observational role?

  3. doug johnstone says:

    I’m working with the staff, collating their lives and stories into something that will hopefully help them appreciate the vital service they provide, and the respectful way they go about it. Interesting for sure!

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