We Beat the Eggheads!


So I was on BBC Two quiz show Eggheads last night, part of a team called the Criminal Element featuring myself, Val McDermid, Mark Billingham, Chris Brookmyre and Martyn Waites. And we only went and won!

It was a terrific experience, loads of fun, and the Eggheads and Jeremy Vine were all really lovely. I had the Geography category that no one else wanted, and almost took down Kevin, the real brainiac, but was let down in a tie-break by my knowledge of English counties. Ho hum. Anyhoo, if you missed it, you can watch it in the UK on BBC iplayer. Below is the moment we found out we’d won – sweet!

13312611_10154057755865801_664682351980176027_n.jpg(both pics pinched from fellow writer Craig Sisterson’s Facebook page.)


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