What I consumed in February, culturally speaking

The Hunter - easily the best thing I saw this month

The Hunter – easily the best thing I saw this month

Aye so, keeping up this thing of writing down every book I read, film I watch and script I read, here’s the list of shit that kept me occupied in February. As you might notice, less scripts this time round, which is annoying, as I want to read more, I’ve just been a busy wee fucker, I guess.

Easily the best thing I saw was The Hunter, a beautifully moving film about a man hunting the last Tasmanian tiger. It looked amazing, and was full of pathos and depth. The worst thing I experienced was The Grey, which I thought was dross from start to finish. But then I have a problem with taking Liam Neeson seriously since Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon impersonated him so well in The Trip.

Oh, I also watched a shitload of 30Rock, which was great, and the first few eps of the Danish/Swedish drama The Bridge, which I thought was meh.


Books read for review
Neil Shubin, The Universe Within
Dan Rhodes, Marry Me
Esther Woolfson, Field Notes From a Hidden City
Johanna Skibsrud, This Will Be Difficult to Explain
Lucy Ellmann, Mimi
Amity Gaige, Schroder
John Jeremiah Sullivan, Blood Horses

Books read not for review
John Gordon Sinclair, Seventy Times Seven
Patricia Highsmith, The Talented Mr Ripley
Christopher Brookmyre, Bedlam
Julia Leigh, The Hunter

Films watched
Miller’s Crossing
The Birds
The Shining
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
The Grey
Wreck It Ralph
The Hunter
A Serious Man
House at the End of the Street

Scripts read
Rust and Bone
The Virgin Suicides

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