Another bunch of rave reviews for GONE AGAIN


So, a whole bunch of new reviews for Gone Again have appeared over the last few days:

First off, over at The Skinny, the astute and undoubtedly handsome Bram E. Gieben reckoned it was ‘riveting from start to finish’. Thanks!

Then at The List, not a review as such, but Kirsty Logan, inspired by my book, knocked together a list of Top Five Watery Thrillers which includes the fantastic A Summer of Drowning by John Burnside. Cheers Kirsty!

Next up, Kim Forrester goes to town on the book at Reading Matters, declaring it as ‘exceptionally good… a glorious page turner’. Nice one, Kim!

Meanwhile, over at Style Parla, Adam Walters manages to squeeze plenty of enthusiasm into his wee review.

For a much more in depth review, check out Scots Whay Hae, where Alistair Braidwood is pretty blown away. I love this review, Ali really gets it! Cheers! He describes the writing as ‘…still recognisably punk; angry and unsettling, but with heart, soul and raw emotion.’ That will do nicely, sir!

And last but by no means least we have this brilliant review over at Killing Time, where we get a highly pertinent piece of Star Wars chat, then they claim I’m better than Harlan Coben. Take it easy, now, folks.

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1 Response to Another bunch of rave reviews for GONE AGAIN

  1. Pretty damn good Doug. I’m saving this book in my pile, but it sounds like it’s going to be another “DJ belter” that I race through in one or two sittings. Well done that man.

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