The first handful of reviews for GONE AGAIN – folks are going daft over it!


Aye so, I might have mentioned once or twice that my new novel, GONE AGAIN, is out 7th March. Anyway, proving that bloggers are always ahead of the game, no less than FOUR of them slung up reviews of the book around a week ago, all of them more or less going bananas over the damn thing. Here are some deets, dudes:

The blogger who popped my review cherry, as it were, was The Book Boy. Declaring me ‘a maverick’ (I hope he means a la Top Gun), he then went on to claim: ‘In this book Doug quite happily takes you to the edge of a cliff and pushes you over the edge with a dark smile on his face.’ I’d just like to state I have never been found guilty of literally doing that. Thanks, Mr Boy!

Next to tip a kindly nod at the book was Samuel Best over on his blog. Claiming to have read it in one sitting, he went on to claim: ‘Johnstone’s previous novels have all been high-speed journeys into a variety of different shitstorms, but this one is darker, more brooding, and more emotionally trying than the rest.’ I’m all about the shitstorms, Sam!

Throwing her hat into the reviewing ring next was Rush Hour Reads, who claims to have only stopped reading to eat and sleep. That’s the kind of dedication you just don’t get in the New York Times, Ms Reads! And she thought ‘Doug Johnstone’s style is brilliantly raw’. Well, if that don’t beat all. I did make these britches myself out of twine, which is pretty raw.

And last but not least for now, Raven Crime Reads gave the book a lengthy going over, describing it as ‘a pitch perfect examination of familial relationships’ before casually chucking the word ‘compelling’ at the poor, unsuspecting reader. Very kind indeed.

Huge thanks to all who took the time to engage with the book, let’s spread the word, eh? Hopefully more reviews to come soon.


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2 Responses to The first handful of reviews for GONE AGAIN – folks are going daft over it!

  1. robertabocchese says:

    Hey Doug,
    Your book finally arrived today, and I’m hoping to have the review ready next week 🙂

  2. I feel very privileged to own your gone again virginity, Doug. A great book, I loved it

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