Northern Alliance – 4 albums – pay what you like – spread the word


I was/am in a band called Northern Alliance, along with Craig Smith and Viv Todd. Between 2003 and 2007 we released four albums, some of them on Fence Records, all of which got some very nice reviews, and went down pretty well with punters. You can now nip over to our Bandcamp site and download these albums on a pay-what-you-like basis. We were kinda lo-fi, I guess. People compared us to Mazzy Star and Sparklehorse, that sort of thing, and called us ‘sleepy’, but I don’t think we spent more time sleeping than average humans. Less, once the kids arrived.

Here are some nice quotes:

‘Northern Alliance merge the dissolute melancholy of Arab Strap with the smudged alt folk of Sparklehorse… superb.’ Scotland on Sunday

‘Gloriously ramshackle, heartbroken and drunkenly swaying, but that’s exactly where their charm lies.’ Kerrang

‘This trio are a thing of real texture and beauty’ The List

‘Genuinely affecting with a heart as heavy as the sun.’ Metro

You can find out the whole crazy, rock’n’roll story over at the band’s website,, which has just had a wee spring clean. It’s not the whole story – it won’t tell you which band member is allergic to strawberries, or which one had a collapsed lung, or which one had a nipple ring for ten years. That stuff is for the pub.

Anyway, fill yer boots with the music if you want. And do let us know what you think. There are rumours that we’re going to make some new music this year, but then that rumour has been kicking around for years, so I wouldn’t pay it much mind.

Doug x

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