What I consumed in January. Story-wise, that is.

The best thing I read this month

The best thing I read this month

I made a bunch of stupid resolutions at New Year again, most of which involved spending more time doing something specific, but since there aren’t enough hours in the fucking day already, it was all kind of pointless.

However, amongst them were a desire to read more books NOT for review (I read virtually none last year outside of my reviewing list), read more screenplays and watch more films.

So, in a slightly OCD way, I’m keeping a note of what I’ve seen/read this year. Here’s January’s offering. Some of the books are re-reads, some old, some not even out yet. Some of the films are re-watches, too. I’m planning on a fair bit of screenwriting this year, so am immersing myself in it all, hoping some of the magic will rub off.

Anyway, here’s January’s list below. All thoughts welcome:

Books read for review
Mark Binelli, The Last Days of Detroit
Chloe Hooper, The Engagement
Warren Ellis, Gun Machine
Erin Kelly, The Burning Air
Belinda Bauer, Rubbernecker
Derek B. Miller, Norwegian By Night
Dave Eggers, A Hologram for the King

Books read not for review
Tony Black, Long Time Dead
Sara Gran, Come Closer
Helen FitzGerald, The Cry
Chris Pavone, The Expats
George V Higgins, The Friends of Eddie Coyle
Sara Gran, Dope

Films watched
Wind Chill
Inglourious Basterds
Source Code
Moonrise Kingdom
Django Unchained
The Adjustment Bureau
Tell No One

Scripts read
Source Code
Groundhog Day

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