What I do all day, according to my 7-year-old son

At parents’ evening the other night, we got a look at Aidan’s jotters from class. One of the things he had to do was ‘A Day As…’, imagining the life of someone else. He did me. This is what he wrote, and it’s awesome:

If you can’t read it, here’s a transcript:

9.10.12 a day as dad

hello I am doug and this is what I do I eat brekfast then I get ready for work. I then start writing a new book. Then I go to the book shop and sell soum books and get mouny. Then I go home and have tea. I wash the dishes. Then I get redy for bed and then I go to bed. Tmorow I get the kids redy for scool and nursury. Then I go on and on with my book about a life jotter and then I get the kids home. I have tea and go to bed.

I particularly like ‘Then I go on and on with my book…’, which is how I feel at the moment, halfway through a first draft. And no, I don’t know what a ‘life jotter’ is, but I like the phrase.

I notice he has inherited my stripped-back prose style, while the use of repetition to evoke the workaday nature of existence really makes the existential pointlessness and drudgery of life shine through. Top marks, Big Guy.

Dx, proud dad.

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2 Responses to What I do all day, according to my 7-year-old son

  1. nigel says:

    Great writing for a young one, especially the spelling – clearly something’s rubbed off. And I’ll bet he’s spot on. Funny he didn’t mention naps or booze or wailing with a guitar in hand.

  2. Roland says:

    That is very funny but I am impressed that he believes you should be paid for your hard earned creative output. My 7-year-old who aspires to be a ‘footballer and author’ (very proud) believes being an author is a ‘free job’ and was taken aback when I explained you can in fact make money from writing books (sometimes). I then tried to explain that this shouldn’t be your sole reason for writing them…

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