Here’s my new book cover: GONE AGAIN

Here’s the cover for GONE AGAIN, out exactly four months today. Whatcha think? I REALLY LOVE IT. So there. Published 7th March, 2013 by Faber.


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1 Response to Here’s my new book cover: GONE AGAIN

  1. Jim Murdoch says:

    So you’re not quite there yet. By that I mean your name is still in a smaller font than the title of the book. It’s a pleasant enough cover but if I saw it on a table in Waterstones with fifty other titles I’m not sure it would be the one my hand would reach for in the first instance. Of course having now read you the cover is very much a secondary consideration for me. Your name would be enough for me to pick up the book. I just had a look at the top one hundred titles to see what their covers looked like and, to my surprise, there was only one similar and that was Ben Elton’s only in his case his name is bigger than the title. I’m a big fan of a publisher sticking with a format so that all you need to do is look at the cover design and know who it is. The early Iain Banks novels with their alternating black on white and white on black covers were a fine example. I’m sure people wondered what the hell I was doing with that inkblot on my first cover but now I’ve got five books (well I will have come next year) they look—IMHO—quite striking when you see them in a row. That said what might have got me to pick up your book are the words, “A major discovery.” No idea who or what Spineingler is but who cares. Best of luck anyway. What do I know?

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