Do you want to review The Ossians?

Hey folks, I’m back again! This time, my second novel The Ossians has also just been published as an ebook by Faber Crime. You can download it here. If you’re a gen up blogger, reviewer etc and you want a review copy then drop me a line and it shall be yours. Anyone else who reads it, please do slap a review up on Amazon, spread the word, all that guff. Below are some of the nice things people have said about it. Cheers!

‘A powerful and moving commentary on the country and its defining myths.’ Ian Rankin

‘In it’s fledgling quest towards independence and political maturity, Scotland is no longer a child but an unruly, confused and passionate adolescent. The Ossians, a drug-fuelled, counterclockwise state-of-the-nation rock n roll tour, captures where we’re at better than any modern novel I’ve read.’ Irvine Welsh

‘The Ossians is a gripping, compelling, roadtrip around modern Scotland in the company of a drug-ravaged, arrogant, untamed visionary.’ Niall Griffiths

‘A rock odyssey so exhilaratingly authentic, you can hear the chords and smell the vomit.’ Christopher Brookmyre

‘This is Spinal Tap for Scotland’s lost generation. Johnstone has taken a small story of a small band lost in a small country and created an epic.’ Ewan Morrison

‘Packed with seedy, sticky bars, sullen punters and morose reflections in deteriorating weather, there is an atmospheric beauty to The Ossians.’ The Independent on Sunday

‘The authentic ring of a man who’s been there.’ The Guardian

‘Johnstone is good at describing the excitement, boredom, sniping and bonhomie of a touring band at the transit-van end of the career arc.’ The Times

‘Doug Johnstone has got the tone of this just right. One for the young hipsters and the old rockers.’ Scott Pack, The Friday Project

‘Entertains in the uncharted corners of an unseen Scotland.’ The List

‘A Blast.’ Scotland on Sunday

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2 Responses to Do you want to review The Ossians?

  1. Would love a copy Doug!

  2. Fiona says:

    Hey yeh. I’d love a review copy, please. Looks like you have to be called Fiona to comment on your blog!

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