Do you want to review Tombstoning?

Hey folks, my debut novel Tombstoning has just been published as an ebook by Faber Crime. You can download it here. Are you a bona fide blogger, reviewer etc? Do you want a review copy? Then drop me a line and it shall be yours. Anyone else who reads it, please do slap a review up on Amazon, spread the word, all that guff. Below are some of the nice things people have said about it. Cheers!

‘A seductive and thrilling evocation of what lurks beneath the surface of small-town Scotland, or indeed small-town anywhere.’ Christopher Brookmyre

‘Excellently written, intriguing storyline, and different from anything else around. A very impressive debut.’ Allan Guthrie

‘I’ve also just had the pleasure of reading a brilliant new author’s debut novel. Check out Doug Johnstone’s Tombstoning for a rollicking tale of mystery set in Auld Reekie and the east coast town of Arbroath.’ Vic Galloway

‘A vibrant and engaging debut, by turns humorous, irreverent and poignant.’ Bill Duncan, author of The Wee Book of Calvin

‘A splendidly old-fashioned thriller, often very funny, with a touching and believable romance thrown in.’ Kate Saunders, The Times

‘Detailed and atmospheric description, funny and sparky dialogue.’ Shirley Whiteside, Sunday Herald

‘A pacy debut thriller. Johnstone skilfully coaxes the reader into identifying with these difficult-to-love characters and maintains the tension and drama. He also pulls off a trick many experienced authors can’t manage – convincing descriptions of sex.’ Nadine McBay, Metro

‘Tombstoning has a friendly, pacy tone which has led to comparisons with the Scots writer Christopher Brookmyre, with a touch of romance and a gripping action sequence in the final chapters.’ Susan Mansfield, The Scotsman

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