Trailer for HIT & RUN

OK, so last week me and Ewan Morrison went out driving around Edinburgh, pretending to crash the car and filming it. It was rather surreal, especially when a car went past thinking we really had hit someone. I got soaked lying on that wet road, I tell yah. A writer’s life, huh?

Ewan is not only a great writer but a skilled film and TV director, and the result is this rather fine trailer for Hit & Run.

Not bad for zero budget, huh?

The music is an old Northern Alliance instrumental tune called ‘Casiopolis’ because we made it entirely using noddy Casiotone keyboards. I think it was released on a Fence Christmas compilation under a different name, if anyone cares about that stuff.

If anyone has any useful ideas for ways of using this to promote the book, lemme know.

Happy car-crashing, people!


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1 Response to Trailer for HIT & RUN

  1. Fiona says:

    No useful ideas I’m afraid, but hell I’m enjoying the book. I am now slowing down as I don’t want to finish it.

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