Human remains found on Salisbury Crags

Soooooooo. Been meaning to post this since I saw it last week. Apparently, human remains were recently found on Salisbury Crags in Edinburgh. This shows, ahem, a great deal of similarities to a certain crucial plot point in Hit & Run. If it helps any, I swear I was washing my hair that night.

This is an example of that weird serendipity that happens when writing fiction. After Tombstoning came out, I remember, they found evidence of a guy living in the caves of Arbroath cliffs. Similarly, the first ever murder on Islay occurred about the time Smokeheads came out.

Maybe I need to write that I win the lottery in the next book. That would do. In actual fact, the novel I’ve just finished contained two graphic depictions of burglaries. My own house was burgled three weeks ago, after I’d written the scenes. Ho hum.

So yeah, more on these ‘human’ remains when I hear. If it turns out to be Edinburgh biggest crime lord, I am gonna fucking freak.

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1 Response to Human remains found on Salisbury Crags

  1. Fuckin hell! You’re a clairvoyant Doug.

    Just wanted to say that I very much enjoyed your reading and performance at Blackwell’s last week. Roza’s started to read your book, so I hope to get my hands on it shortly.


    PS: I have a great idea for your next book, tentatively entitled “Wi$hing Well”:- just reproduce the wish of everyone who sends you their 100 word wish, along with their £20 note. Even before you publish, and even if the wishes don’t come true, that’s a £10k advance on a 50,000 word volume. Minus my 15%, of course.

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