All over the place

OK, so I’m all over the place. In the media, that is. Kind of. Not really. But a few features and Q&As have popped up recently, here’s a wee list:

A big interview in The Scotsman at the weekend, in which I mention Helen FitzGerald and Deliverance in the same sentence, and slag off my first two books. Oops.

A fun Q&A over at Allan Guthrie’s Criminal-E blog, in which I big up Boards of Canada and talk about ‘gliding through the fucking Matrix’, which is a line ripped off of Charlie Brooker. Sorry, Charlie!

Another cracking Q&A at Tony Black’s Pulp Pusher blog, where I rave about modern hillbilly noir and declare that I don’t like Alasdair Gray’s Lanark. Boof!

And last but not least, a small but lovingly formed piece by me over on Eva Dolan’s excellent Loitering With Intent blog, as part of her series on Criminal Classics. I picked Stevenson’s Jekyll & Hyde.

As well as these, there was a feature in The Courier a few days ago which I haven’t seen yet, and apparently an appearance in The Sunday Times Home section talking about my childhood home, of all the weird and uninteresting things.

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