Local news for local people (and you)

Aye so, I was interviewed by The Edinburgh Evening News recently. Then they snapped me standing leaning against the shut door of a pub for no good reason.

Needless to say, Sandra Dick, who interviewed me, was very interested in the fact my main character was a murderous reporter for, ahem, The Edinburgh Evening Standard.

I’m reliably informed that in the paper version, I shared a double-page spread with the Vets and Pets column:

‘My goldfish has started to swim upside down a lot.’

‘I just can’t get my rescue cat to use the catflap.’

Thank God the vet had answers, as I wouldn’t have had a clue.

A bientot, furry friends!

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2 Responses to Local news for local people (and you)

  1. Sandra Dick says:

    That pet column has a cult following (among evening news features staff) I’ll have you know. It is the Monty Python of pet columns.
    Take this recent query: Q Our cat has started staying out all night.We think it began when our neighbours rescued a female cat. We’ve triedto keep him inside, buthe cries really loudly and we give in and let himout. What can we do?
    Durrrrrrrrrr. Can’t IMAGINE what’s going on there….

    It is also worth reading just to be amused by fact every single answer to every single query contains the words: “You should take your pet to see a vet”, hence elimating need for column in first place. We should just print a giant headline: GO TO THE VET and leave it at that.
    The random ‘leaning against a pub door’.. that I cannot explain.

  2. Sandra Dick says:

    and as for the typos in that previous post! Clearly fingers and brain disengaged.

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