Crime Fiction Lover love it – boof!

OK, so my 3-year-old daughter has taken to saying ‘Boof!’ as a general expression of delight and amazement. I dunno where she got that from, but I like it and I’ve started copying her.

So I say BOOF!, check out Crime Fiction Lover‘s review of Hit & Run. Wow. They love it. Specifically, Eva Dolan loves it – cheers, Eva!

Sadly, I have a mental health policy where I only read every review once. Which is a pity, because this is the kind of review you could read seven or eight times, just to get your head/ego to swell right up. But I won’t. Lemme just cut to the chase:

Scottish crime fiction is a tough playground right now but with Hit and Run Doug Johnstone proves he can hold his own with the best of them.

That’s the stuff. A tough playground, sure enough, but I brought a fucking Stanley knife to school.


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