My tweets are apparently news. Well, really Ian Rankin’s (@beathhigh) tweets.

My oh my. Apparently when you post something on Twitter, other people can see it! Wow, who knew?

Anyway, a tiny wee exchange I had with Ian Rankin (@beathhigh) has made it into the heady heights of The Independent on Sunday. OK, it’s not quite hard news, but still. Rebus the dog, what about that?

Actually, the real news in all this is that the newspaper considers me their ‘top reviewer’. Take that, fellow reviewers, I’m number one with a bullet! Only joking. Like at my son’s sports day ‘everyone’s a winner’, even the poor sap stuck in his sack at the start line.

Annoyingly, the paper missed Ian’s later tweet: ‘Just finished Hit and Run. Great slice of noir. Congratulations, that man!’

Now THAT’s news!

Enjoy the nonsense!

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2 Responses to My tweets are apparently news. Well, really Ian Rankin’s (@beathhigh) tweets.

  1. Sally Welham says:

    Just started ‘Hit and Run’ and liking it already. No messing about you just plunge straight in to the story. i will let you know my final thoughts when I finish it. I hope you are all well. have you any events coming up?

  2. doug johnstone says:

    Thanks Sally. Book launch event at Blackwell’s in Edinburgh, 15th March. More events to follow soon, once we have em organised.

    All best!

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