“What is it with you and car crashes?”

OK, so had my first ever event based on Hit & Run at the weekend there, a joint event at the Margins Festival in The Arches alongside fantastic writer and pal Helen FitzGerald, hosted by the equally talented Anneliese Mackintosh from Cargo Publishing. Here is a review of the event by Paul Cockburn for the Scottish Review of Books blog.

It was at 2pm in the afternoon, and we had the usual panic about no one turning up beforehand, but in the end there were humans with ears listening and eyes watching, and me and Helen and Anneliese blethering. Me and Helen had done some drinking beforehand on empty stomachs, so we were rather, ahem, ‘frank’ in our opinions. I was informed afterwards I was swearing a lot, to which I replied ‘fuck you’. Or something.

Anyway, was good to pop my Hit & Run cherry, so to speak. After, we sat around drinking some more and talking shite, and the three of us and another mate Ewan Morrison pitched ideas to Helen’s film producer mate Claire, while she rolled her eyes. I look forward to seeing Helen’s ‘Quantum Leap but with a teenager’ on a screen soon.

Good people. Good times.

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