portobello this weekend – come!

Aye so, this weekend is the Portobello Book Festival , my local literary shindig! Now in its third year, it’s got a pretty great line up, and you can check out the entire programme here. Janice Galloway and Candia McWilliam, people, what’s not to like!

I’m doing a couple of things. On the Friday night I’m one of many musicians performing at Porty Town Hall to launch the whole thing, then on Saturday at 6pm I’m chatting to Allan Guthrie (A fellow Porty resident) about Smokeheads et al in The Dalriada on the prom, which looks like this:

That event is followed by a FREE whisky tasting organised by the Scotch Malt Whisky Society, so none of yer cooking drams, likes. Then after that there’s a literary pub quiz, where my lack of book knowledge will be cruelly exposed.

Do please come along, and check out all the events over the weekend, there’s bound to be something you fancy. All the organisers are volunteers, and it’s great the effort they’re putting into the local community – go Porty!

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3 Responses to portobello this weekend – come!

  1. Lee Kindness says:

    cough, cough – that’s my photo

  2. doug johnstone says:

    Apologies Lee, I think I lifted it off the Dalriada website, didn’t think they’d mind and didn’t see a credit name there – I’m happy to remove it or credit you. Let me know. Cracking pic, though!

  3. Lee Kindness says:

    Nae worries; just stick in a link to http://www.flickr.com/photos/lkindness/2189335309/in/set-72157603627596834

    (didn’t realise the Dalriada had pilfered it!)

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