achtung – cover for german edition of smokeheads

Ach, so here is the cover that BTB have knocked together for the publication in Germany next summer of Smokeheads. Or as it’s known in Germany, erm, Smokeheads. Cos they couldn’t think of a decent translation of the title, presumably.

Anyway, nice bit of broken bottle action. I like. More importantly, what do YOU think?

I presume the wee strapline is more or less the same as the UK version. Sounds more menacing in German though, somehow.

This is my first book to come out in a foreign language, and I’m ferking excited about it, so I am. Here’s hoping it flies like a little German bird through the skies over the black forest, and doesn’t get shot down by any sniping German critics. Kind of thing.

Auf Wiedersehen, meine freunde!

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3 Responses to achtung – cover for german edition of smokeheads

  1. Nice, but I prefer the UK one. Makes it more Reservoir Doggish but in a western isle kind if way.

  2. Jim Murdoch says:

    It’s only my opinion but I have to disagree with Colin. If I was faced with one of those 3 for 2 tables the UK cover wouldn’t stand out enough. This one would definitely catch my eye. Nice layout. Good colours. Not too much text. Great.

  3. doug johnstone says:

    Thanks gentlemen! Opinions, eh, everybody’s gone one.

    It’s just interesting to see how the story is interpreted by different people in different countries, really.

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