literary death match (note: may not contain actual death)

Soooo, I’m reading at a Literary Death Match. Look, there’s me scratching my head while thinking about it. While a small bird, maybe a sparrow, pecks at my earlobe.

If you don’t know what the crap a Literary Death Match is, well, here’s a wee video below:

Looks like a laugh, right? Right. Although, as you can see, there seems very little death involved, although I guess you never know.

I’m appearing alongside Sophie Cooke, Hal Duncan and Katerina Vasiliou, it’s all at the Voodoo Rooms next Tuesday 6th Sept, kicks off at 7pm. Come along and watch us get hilariously slated by three judges, whydontcha? Then there’s some final play-off thing which will undoubtedly be daft beyond words. And maybe deadly.

I do hope the crowd and judges aren’t expecting laughs – I don’t do laughs, at least not in my writing, at least not intentionally.

Should be good, looking forward to it.

Come, for the love of Christ, come!

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