smokepackheadsmen – the aftermath

Aye so, had a great time at the Edinburgh International Book Festival last Friday – seems like ages ago already. Myself and Alan Bissett kicked out the jams in literary stylee, fielding such delightful questions as ‘what’s the most illegal thing you’ve done?’ and the like, and generally kicking the banter about like it was Piers Morgan’s head in a bag.

There are a number of blog-type reviews of the event, which is really very sweet. Imagine writing about little old us, eh? Anyway, if you want to read, they are at Manic Pop Thrills, The (Unofficial) Edinburgh Book Festival, The Scottish Review of Books and 12 Books in 12 months. Thanks to all bloggers out there for taking the time to come, enjoy and write, thanks to Peggy Hughes from the Scottish Poetry Library for being a great chair(person) and thanks to Mr Bissett for mentioning Weetabix. And thanks to Ali George at 12 Books in 12 Months – I’ve pinched your picture for this post, hope that’s OK?

More random pish soon, I bet.

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  1. I hope so, Doug, I hope so! Nice to meet you.


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