smokeheads extract #3

OK, it’s Wednesday, so it must be time for the third extract from Smokeheads – I’m running one every day this week, you see. Please read. And buy the book here.

Aye so, our smokeheads get involved in a situation in the local boozer. A gentle precursor of what’s to come.

Smokeheads, extract #3

Molly finished her beer, stood up and put her coat on, fumbling with her arms in the sleeves.
‘Wait,’ said Adam, reaching for her. ‘If you’re definitely going, at least let me walk you home.’
She looked at Adam, then at Joe. ‘I don’t know.’
She sighed. ‘OK, whatever. Let’s just get out of here.’
Adam downed his whisky and pulled his coat on. They said goodbye and made their way through the crowded bar, Molly leading. A few feet from the door, Joe appeared and grabbed her arm.

‘Leaving so soon?’
Molly tried to shrug him off, but he had a tight hold.
‘Let go,’ she said. ‘I’m going home.’
Joe looked at Adam and laughed. ‘With him? Fuck me, your standards have slipped.’
‘Let go of her,’ said Adam, his pulse pounding in his throat.
Joe laughed again. ‘Or what?’
‘Or I’ll make you.’
‘Just leave it,’ said Molly, struggling.
‘Did you hear that, Grantie?’ said Joe as his short-arsed mate appeared next to him.
‘Yeah,’ said Grant, his eyes darting back and forth, the tip of his tongue stuck between his teeth.
‘This cunt wants some action.’
‘Why don’t you just leave us alone?’ said Adam.
‘You come into my local and leave with my wife and expect me to hold the fucking door for you?’
‘Ex-wife,’ said Molly.
‘What’s the problem here?’ It was Roddy at Adam’s side.
‘It’s OK, I’m handling it,’ said Adam.
Joe laughed sarcastically. ‘It’s OK, he’s handling it, so fuck off.’
‘Sounds like you need a lesson in manners,’ said Roddy.
‘Oh, for fuck’s sake,’ said Joe, rolling his eyes. ‘Listen to college boy.’
He released Molly’s arm, then in a swift movement punched both Roddy and Adam square in the face, buckling them over. He kneed Adam under the chin, knocking him off his feet then rained punches down on the back of Roddy’s head, Molly grabbing his arm but failing to stop the blows.
Luke arrived and shoved Joe off balance, enough for Ethan to pull Roddy out of reach. Adam looked up and shuffled backwards as Molly and Ash helped him up. Joe and Grant glared at them.
‘You lot, out.’ It was the barman, pointing at Adam and the rest.
‘He started it,’ said Roddy, holding his nose.
The barman was nonplussed. ‘Doesn’t matter. I want you out.’
‘You can’t bar me,’ said Ash. ‘I fucking work here.’
‘You and Molly can stay, those four are leaving.’
‘Fuck’s sake,’ said Adam, wheezing and rubbing his chin.
‘Let’s just go,’ said Molly, leading Adam to the door.
The whole pub watched.
‘Run along now,’ Joe hissed between his teeth, fists clenched at his side.
As Roddy passed, Joe dummied a headbutt, sniggering as Roddy flinched.
‘You better hope I never see you cunts again,’ said Joe. ‘I won’t go so easy on you next time.’

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