there’s no ‘e’ in whisky, for fuck’s sake

Right. Just want to get this pedantry off my chest. Dunno if I mentioned it before, but my novel Smokeheads just came out. It’s set against a backdrop of whisky. I have lost fucking count of the number of times people have reviewed it on blogs, in print, on Amazon, whatever, and referred to the ‘whiskey’ content. THERE’S NO FUCKING ‘E’ IN WHISKY, PEOPLE.

It’s very simple, ‘whiskey’ refers to Irish or American stuff, ‘whisky’ refers to ALL other whiskies around the world, including Scottish. Got it? I just did a ‘whisky’ count in the novel and the word appears in there 78 times – so presumably reviewers saw the word spelled correctly 78 TIMES, then just wrote it a different way themselves for a laugh. It’s a weird mental blind spot.

Of course, I realise this is meaningless in the overall scheme of things, and I hugely appreciate all the reviews and interest, it’s just gotten on my tits something terrible.

So, one more time, it’s:

With no:

Right, rant over. Carry on.

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