smokeheads review on curious joe

A pretty sizeable review of Smokeheads just popped up over on the Curious Joe blog, the review written by Euan McClymont. It’s generally pretty positive, but is most notable for saying this:

…but it’s after the collapse of the business plan that the real drama of the novel begins, involving car crashes, bootlegging, corrupt cops, night time chases in the snow and a whole heap of gory violence which I won’t spoil for the reader by detailing here.

Then they proceed to include a video of me reading the whole heap of gory violence they don’t want to spoil for the reader. Nice work.

Oh, and also, at no point does Roddy snort coke off the dashboard of the car, he snorts it from his hand. Snorting it from the dashboard while driving would, indeed, be impossible.

Anyway, thanks to Euan and Hamish over there, and more Smokeheads news soon, peeps.

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2 Responses to smokeheads review on curious joe

  1. Hamish says:

    It was my fault for putting the video in, I thought it’d be a nice thing to diversify with from the rest of the review. I realised that it does indeed include spoilers but thought since you say so at the start of it, it is kind of an alert, but maybe I should say so above the video.

    Glad you saw it though and thanks a lot for sharing it.

    • doug johnstone says:

      No worries, man, I was just having a bit of fun – thanks for the coverage, all helps.


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