words per minute – hot shit

To paraphrase Zoolander for a moment, ‘Glasgow is soooo hot right now’. And at the centre of that burning cultural furnace is Words Per Minute, a spoken word/music/film/general extravaganza that occurs once a month at the ultra-cool Arches. If you don’t believe me when I say they’re hot, just check out this month’s GQ magazine, where they get mentioned alongside Cargo Publishing and flash fiction magazine Fractured West.

Anyway, Words Per Minute 11 is upon us this weekend, and I’m doing a turn at it, reading a nasty bit of Smokeheads, alongside writers Katy McAulay and Margaret Callaghan, music from San Fran and the Siscos and Michael Cassidy, a DJ set from Ursula and some short films tbc. It all kicks off at 4pm and costs a mere fiver, and I’m gonna be giving away free shit in various forms (basically left over shit from the launch party).

So, you wanna be hot, right? You wanna be entertained, right? You want free shit, yeah? Come on.

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