metro v press association

So the highly positive reviews of Smokeheads keep on trundling in, so they do.

First up we have the rather fine four-star review in Metro which ran the other week, but which has for some reason never made it online. So I’ve typed it up like the saddo I am. It’s written by Anthony Cummins who loved the book so much he gave away two deaths and some DIY brain surgery from the plot. Thanks, Anthony!

Ditto for another glowing review, this time from the Press Association, in which Georgina Cotton gave it a very generous 7/10. I’ve always felt book reviews should give percentages – like, this is a 63% good book, that sort of thing. Why not? Anyway, the PA review is there to be picked up by any and all local freesheet papers around the country. If you write for one of them, feel free to pick it up, print it, and spread the word.

There are also at least three interviews still in the pipeline, which I’ll post up once they appear. And at least one more review to come. And a competition. Watch this space. Or not this exact space, you understand, but the general space of this blog.

Adios, compadres!

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