shots magazine v sea minor et al

Two great review of Smokeheads have appeared over the weekend. Oh yes.

Firstly, there’s a really very enthusiastic review over at Sea Minor courtesy of Nigel P. Bird, who also posted his review on Good Reads, Kindle Users Forum and – what a stand-up guy.

And then there’s a cracking write up over at Shots ezine, thanks to Calum MacLeod, who gets extra points for spotting the cheeky wee reference to the movie of The 39 Steps in the book.

Smart, erudite and dashing men, both of them.

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2 Responses to shots magazine v sea minor et al

  1. Charlie Rogan says:


    Just finished reading Smokeheads, fantastic roller coaster of a book and now going to get a hold of your other 2 books, enjoyed it so much.

    All the best

    • doug johnstone says:

      Wow, thanks for the kind words, so glad you liked it.

      Hopefully you’ll like the other two as much, eh?

      All best,

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