me talking about books

Latest little bit of online press, in the form of me blethering on about books to Untitled Books website. Very nice.

Also, apparently I’m ‘Scotch Whisky News’. That is according to Whisky Intelligence. More news about the hook up between book and booze to follow soon.

There’s a wee bit more review news for the book as well. Firstly, there is a rather nippy review on The Dabbler website courtesy of Ian Buxton, who knows his whisky. Despite spending the whole review having a pop, he still manages to write: ‘Smokeheads has a page-turning energy that can’t be denied.’ I’m not gonna link to it, why increase their traffic, eh?

Other reviews – apparently there’s a four star one in today’s Metro, but I haven’t seen it yet. Also, there’s allegedly one coming on Eurocrime, watch this space. I’ll post em up once I have em. Also, there’s a very nice Press Association review kicking around, again, I’ll post once it’s online.

There are a few more online features still to come, as well as more competitions to win booze and books.

Oh, and as a cheeky wee teaser, I might have some good news on the film rights front soon. But whatever you do, don’t hold your breath, I wouldn’t want to be responsible for your untimely demise.

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