after the smokerush

Well the last couple of weeks have been a bit nuts, lots of live events in bookshops, festivals, libraries, bars and clubs, as well as loads of print and online reviews for Smokeheads coming through, and various competitions to boot. Felt pretty overwhelmed by it all, mostly in a very good way. So I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the support so far, really. And also to say, you know, spread the word.

Word of mouth has always been crucial in getting books noticed and read, but it is absolutely vital now more than ever. It’s struck me over the last few weeks how redundant conventional print coverage is for any artistic endeavour – I’ve certainly received less reviews and interviews this time round, partly because this book is more of a genre work therefore ignored by the mainstream press, but also simply because the newspapers have bugger all space to review anything now, thanks to extreme budget cuts. I know, I write reviews.

In comparison, online reviews, interviews and mentions through social networking, blogs etc have become the currency of publicity for literature, and a great thing that is too, because it strikes me as much more democratic, cutting out the self-appointed arbiters of literary taste at newspapers and getting information about books out to readers directly.

So, thanks again. And spread the word. If you’ve read Smokeheads and enjoyed it, please don’t be shy about telling folks. And if you haven’t read it – what are you doing wasting your time reading this crap when you could be getting stuck into it?

That’s all. More chat about further press coverage, competitions and so on as and when it pops up in the ether.

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