more smokeheads press and stuff

A few more bits and bobs appeared over the last few days, all added to the Press page. Firstly, there’s a really rather nice review in The Financial Times. Well, well. How pleasant. And there is a considered and balanced review over on the Manic Pop Thrills blog, from someone who has actually read the previous books as well – not very common, that.

Not a review as such, but the book also gets quite a nice mention on Islay Blog which, as its name suggests, is a blog about all things Islay. As an aside, I’d love to know what Islay residents make of the book – hopefully they’ll like it, but I guess it does depict the island as a home of nasty violence, so who knows, eh?

And finally, not really a feature, but here’s something I wrote for the Faber blog, The Thoughtfox, about whisky and fiction and whisky as a metaphor for blah blah blah. It’s OK, I guess, as these things go. Worth a read, if you’re not too busy.

Aye so, more news of interviews, online hoopla and competitions to come soon. All good.

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2 Responses to more smokeheads press and stuff

  1. Sally Welham says:

    Just finished Smokeheads in one day. I could not put it down. I met you in Edinburgh at the festival (smallish old lady) and used to work with your sister Karen. Loved the book, very Brookmyreish but different as well. Mind you may not go to Islay on holiday. My great grandfather was a mashman at Bowmore!

    • doug johnstone says:

      Wow, Sally, thanks for the kind words – hugely appreciated. In real life, Islay is a lovely place, and you probably won’t get violently attacked there. Probably.

      All best,

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