The Great Silence Publication Day

THE GREAT SILENCE is out today! Pick it up at your local indie bookshop or get it here:

Orenda Books –
Waterstones –
Foyles –
Hive – –

Body parts, big cats, messages from space, disinterment, indie rock, suicide, incest, kidnap, bad embalming, poisoning and fuck knows what else. I started writing this book four weeks after I had my stroke, and I threw myself into it as part of my recovery. So every time I would hesitate and ask myself ‘is this too much? Too weird? Too full-on?’ I would just answer ‘fuck it’ and put it in. So THE GREAT SILENCE is the Skelfs turned up to 11. Plus all the bittersweet melancholy and black humour you’re used to.

And to go with it, here’s a big Spotify playlist I made for the Skelfs. These are either artists who feature in the books, or songs about death and grief, or tunes that somehow reflect something about the women’s lives. It’s not as much of a downer as it sounds, honest.

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