New Album Crow Hill Is Out Today!

My new album, Crow Hill, is out today. It’s available on all streaming services, or you can buy and download it directly from my Bandcamp page. Use the links below.





Crow Hill sits next to Arthur’s Seat in my hometown of Edinburgh. It was while walking on the hill that I suffered a stroke in March 2020, and walking the same hill played a big part in my recovery. Three of the songs on the album directly reference my experiences – the dreampop title track, the plaintive rock of ‘A Chaos of Bees’ and the lush alternative country of ‘The Hole in My Heart’. The latter track is about the surgery I required to fix a hole in my heart, discovered as the reason for my stroke.

Elsewhere on the album there are songs about isolation and loneliness, not surprising given the events of the last seventeen months. But there are also songs of hope and joy, songs about finding a connection in the universe, about love and family. Musically it ranges from the celebratory indie of ‘The Water Returns to the Ocean’, through the ominous lo-fi textures of ‘Put the Gun Away’ to the delicate piano ballad of album closer ‘We Find Our Patterns’.

Charmingly lo-fi indie.’ The List
Has an honesty that few of his contemporaries would dare, 
and still has you on your feet by the end.’ Scots Whay Hae

Like King Creosote fronting Husker Du.’ Is This Music?

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