Thank You Bloggers!

The dust has settled on the blog tour for FAULT LINES and I want to say a HUMUNGOUS THANK YOU to all the amazing bloggers who gave up their time and energy to engage with my book. And HUGE THANKS to Karen Sullivan and especially Anne Cater for all the organising! Below are links to ALL the reviews, please check ’em out if you get a chance.

Fault Lines blog poster 2018

The Book Trail: ‘Doug Johnstone has written a novel that hits the spot in every way possible.’
Off-the-Shelf Books: ‘Great writing, bold plotting, exceptional characterisation and fascinating background.’
Portobello Book Blog: ‘Doug Johnstone’s writing just keeps getting better and better for me and I have to say I think this is his best yet!’
What Cathy Read Next: ‘Fault Lines is an imaginative, dark and accomplished thriller.’
Joy Kluver: Read the first chapter here.
The Book Trail: A fascinating Q&A here.
What Jess Reads: ‘FAULT LINES is filled with edge of your seat moments, heartbreak, and the possibilities that can spiral from telling a lie.’
Espresso Coco: ‘Surtsey is a brilliant character, flawed and genuine.’
Love reading: ‘Fault Lines cranks up the volume on original, yet feels intensely raw, earthy, and real, for a short book, it packs a mighty wallop.’
Ronnie Turner: ‘Original. Surprising. Gripping.’
Chapter in My Life: ‘Once again Doug Johnstone goes way beyond just “writing a story” he provides you with an experience like no other.’
Kitty Kat’s Book Review Blog: ‘I did not see the twist coming as Doug Johnstone so skilfully constructed his story.’
Beverley Has Read: ‘Doug Johnstone has done a wonderful job in writing Surtsey, I found her utterly believable and I was fully on her side.’
My Reading Corner: ‘Doug Johnstone is an author new to me but I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up another of his books.’
The Suspense is Thrilling Me: This was a book giveaway.
Books are My Catches: ‘A thriller of the highest quality!’
Off-the-Shelf Books: Another lovely Q&A.
CBailey31 Books & Blogs: ‘It had everything a good thriller should have and this will definitely not be my last book I read by Doug Johnstone.’
Life of Crime: ‘Every word moves the narrative along brilliantly.’
Book Lover Worm: ‘An author who can write such immersive prose is clearly one with great skill.’
Misti Moo Book Review: ‘Dark, imaginative and different. I’ll certainly read more by Doug Johnstone.’
Not Another Book Blogger: ‘I didn’t want to put it down.’
Grab This Book: ‘The story flows wonderfully and the characters are deep and engaging.’
Beauty Balm: ‘An absolutely brilliant read.’
Where the Reader Grows: ‘I applaud this book and his writing.’
Over the Rainbow Book Blog: This was the second giveaway of the tour.
Between the Pages Book Club: ‘I would love to read more by Doug in the future.’
Novel Deelights: ‘A psychological thriller with a difference that will have you glued to the pages.’
Cheryl’s Book Blog: ‘Johnstone makes you feel the earth move under your feet.’
On the Shelf Books: ‘This will definitely be a favourite read for lots of Scots this summer.’
Bookie Wookie: ‘Fault Lines is the first book by Doug Johnstone that I’ve read, and I have to say what a little cracker it is!!’
Liz Loves Books: ‘Fault Lines was without doubt one of the best books I have read in a long long time.’
Hooked From Page One: ‘If you’re looking for something that is unique, you really need to try this book.’
My Chestnut Reading Tree: ‘This is a gripping crime thriller with a difference.’
By the Letter Book Reviews: ‘This is such an atmospheric read.’
Live and Deadly: ‘Highly enjoyable, deeply satisfactory and acutely well written.’
Books and Me: ‘A gripping read from start to finish!’
Scots Whay Have: ‘He is the very definition of an unputdownable writer.’
Café Thinking: I recommend three books that are not read widely enough.
Bibliophile Book Club: ‘This is the first book I have read by Doug Johnstone and would definitely read more from him.’
Jen Med’s Book Reviews: ‘A very cleverly plotted look at the whole idea of infatuation and obsession.’
My Bookish Blog Spot: ‘I loved it and cannot wait to dive into another Doug Johnstone novel.’
Donna’s Book Blog: ‘An excellent story!’
Criminally Good: Another Q&A with fellow author Lucy V Hay.
Books, Life & Everything: ‘This is a cracking read and well worth the effort.’
Everywhere & Nowhere: ‘I loved this book and I would definitely recommend it.’
Steph’s Book Blog: ‘First class fiction from another Orenda author.’
Love Reading: ‘Fault Lines cranks up the volume on original, yet feels intensely raw, earthy, and real, for a short book, it packs a mighty wallop.’
Bookanista: My Top Ten Off-Kilter Worlds.
Short Book and Scribes: ‘I thoroughly enjoyed my time reading this imaginative and intense story.’
Gem’s Quiet Corner: ‘Fault Lines is a short, sharp, original novel, which slowly simmers along, with the nature surrounding the story being very much as big a threat as the killer!’
Swirl and Thread: A thing I wrote On Writing Weird Books.
Random Things Through My Letterbox: My Life in Books.
Chapter in My Life: A brilliant write up my launch with Chris Brookmyre.
Books from Dusk Till Dawn: ‘Highly recommended.’
Emma’s Bookish Corner: ‘An intense, clever and beautifully written crime thriller.’
Varieties: ‘Be prepared for an emotional read.’
The Book Drealms: ‘I was impressed with the author’s crisp writing.’
Crime Fiction Lover: ‘Fault Lines has all the underpinnings of a classic noir novel, and the moral and emotional depth to go with it.’
Books of All Kinds: ‘A compelling story that will blow your socks off!’
The Quiet Knitter: ‘A highly recommended thriller that’s clever and imaginative, and will leave readers reeling!’
Bibliobeth: ‘What a great read this was!’
Crime Book Junkie: ‘An original, emotive, exhilarating and absolutely tantalising read.’
Hair Past a Freckle: ‘I was utterly captivated by this highly original, exciting psychological thriller.’
Love Books Group: ‘An intriguing, exciting read that will remain on the mind for days after finishing.’

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  1. I’ve loved the enthusiasm for this blog tour! Congrats 🙂

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