I’m joining Orenda Books!

orenda-letterhead-red_high-res.jpgSo I have some exciting news – I’ve just signed a two-book deal with Orenda Books! Orenda are one of my favourite publishers with many of my favourite writers, and Karen Sullivan is an absolute whirlwind publisher – I couldn’t be more excited to join Team Orenda! The first book, Fault Lines, is due out this time next year.

It’s announced in today’s Bookseller, but if you can’t access it, the text is below:


‘Spine-tingling’ Scottish thriller to Orenda Books
Published May 3, 2017 by Natasha Onwuemezi

Orenda Books has signed Scottish crime writer Doug Johnstone in a two-book deal.

Karen Sullivan, publisher of Orenda Books, acquired world English language rights for two standalone thrillers by Johnstone from Phil Patterson of Marjacq Scripts.

Sullivan said: “This is a hugely exciting signing for Orenda Books, and Doug is an immaculate fit for our growing list. I’ve long been a fan of Doug’s work – his high-quality writing, exceptional ability to create memorable characters and to sensitively examine motivation and emotional vulnerability – and I could not be happier to publish his next two books.”

The first, Fault Lines, is a speculative thriller set in a post-volcanic Edinburgh. Sullivan said: “It is, quite literally, spine-tingling, with a tense, intricate plot, an intriguing and original premise, beautifully drawn characters who share a series of eerie and complex relationships, and a stunning ending.” It will be published in May 2018, with the second book to follow in 2019.

Patterson said: “I am thrilled that Doug will be published by Orenda Books. Karen and her team have impressed with their energy and commitment to their writers.  I have no doubt Orenda will showcase Doug’s considerable talents.”

Johnstone added: “I’m very excited to be joining Orenda. I’ve been a huge fan of their diverse list since they started, and Karen is the most hard-working and enthusiastic publisher in the business.”


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2 Responses to I’m joining Orenda Books!

  1. Sarah Hardy says:

    wow, congratulations. Thats great news. x

  2. doug johnstone says:

    Thanks, Sarah!

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