New Events Coming!

I’ve got a few gigs coming up, see below. Would be great to see you if you can make it! There are a few more festival appearances in the pipeline, just waiting till I can announce them.

19th January, Noir at the Bar, The Raven, Glasgow, 7.30pm with Louise Welsh, E.S. Thomson, Kaite Welsh, Russel D McLean & Les Wood

1st-4th February, Kolkata Literature Festival, India with Lin Anderson & Jenny Brown

8th February, Noir at the Bar, The Wash, Edinburgh, 7.30pm with Lin Anderson, Alison Baillie-Taylor, Mark Leggatt, Sandra Ireland, M.P. Mennock, Lesley Kelly, Wendy H Jones, Jackie Baldwin & Caroline Dunford

24th February, Granite Noir, The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen, 3.30pm with Sarah Ward

25th February, Granite Noir, The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen, 11am with Chris Brookmyre, Kati Hiekkapelto & Kate London

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