The Jump is out in the US!

The Jump pb

So The Jump is finally out in the US. Fly, my pretty, fly! Or, more importantly, buy it HERE.

There has been a flurry of reviews, pieces I’ve written and giveaways, check it all out below. Huge thanks to all bloggers and reviewers who have given their time and energy to this, and to Shara Zaval, who pulled the blog tour together at Faber US. Cheers!

An amazing review by Sabina in Gutter magazine.

A total rave over at The New York Journal of Books by Chris Beakey.

A lovely write up at Novel Ink blog by Erica Miller.

Very considered stuff by Mariana over at Joie Des Livres.

And a piece I wrote for the same blog about publication called Giving Birth or Splitting Up.

A great review by Ayah Assem, plus a thing I wrote about my writing process, both at Dystopian Citzn blog.

Here’s a thing I wrote on The Character of Place for The Reader’s Room.

Here’s a video of me playing a Frightened Rabbit tune in my back garden, at The Suspense is Thrilling Me blog.

And Chelsea Humphrey’s very kind review of the novel at the same blog.

A pretty frank interview with Jane Hamilton at The Daily Record about the subject matter of the book.

Something I wrote about the book called Suicide Isn’t Painless, over at Book Reporter.

Here I am at Mystery Readers Inc writing about the inspiration behind The Jump.

Here’s a fascinating Q&A I did over at Book Savvy Reviews.

Terrific review by Ali at The Bandar Blog, as well as a thing I wrote recommending my favourite recent crime novels.


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