THE JUMP Press Round Up, Part Three

the jump front cover

The dust has settled a little a month after publication, so here is a big old round up of all the press coverage since my last round up:

“A sensitive portrait of a grieving parent,” says The Daily Mail. Bless ’em.

A slightly unhinged rave review from I Read Novels. “First class brilliant psychological thriller,” apparently. Cheers!

Here’s a personal thing I wrote about suicide for The Big Issue magazine.

Here’s a thing I wrote for Shari Low’s Daily Record book page about writing The Jump.

Rebecca Armstrong over at the Independent on Sunday loved the book: “I would have been happy to read chapters and chapters more of this book, not least because I longed to spend more time with the complicated, thoughtful Ellie, but then again, perhaps The Jump’s brevity is what makes it so satisfying.” Thank you so much, Rebecca!

“Really this is so far from being an ordinary crime novel as almost not to deserve the name.” So says Harriet Devine over on her blog. Wow.

Over at Scots Whay Hae, Alistair Braidwood gives the book a typically detailed and informed review. “The Jump again proves that the dramas that matter most are more often found in family life and few writers understand that better.”

And following on from that review, here’s a podcast interview I did with Scots Whay Hae.

The Jump got a cheeky wee mention in Raven Crime Reads‘ books of the month round up: “Doug Johnstone’s The Jump, could certainly feature in my end of year round-up, due to the emotional intensity and sensitivity with which he draws his main character, and the mesmeric quality of the prose. Powerful writing, which would put many contemporary fiction writers in the shade.”

Another rave review over at Thriller Books Journal, courtesy of Nicola Mira: “Well done Doug Johnstone for, once more, successfully treading new ground in urban crime fiction, giving us a heroine both gritty and moving, and a clever psychological plot with a host of shocking surprises.”

Here’s a tidy wee Q&A over at Crime Thriller Girl about inspiration, advice for writers, plenty of other gubbins.

Meanwhile, over at There’s Been a Murder, Lynsey Adams says I’m “the master of writing gripping thrillers.” I’ll inform John Grisham he’s been usurpted asap!

Raven Crime Reads loving The Jump: “The Jump is one of the most emotive and intense books it’s been my pleasure to read. Prepare to be moved.”

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