THE DEAD BEAT – some more lovely press!

the dead beat front cover

Rounding up this stuff here, so I don’t forget it, basically. What I mean to say is, amazing new press coverage!!!!! Yay!!!!! Have a read:

First up, a rave review over at Raven Crime Reads. ‘A reading experience that went far beyond the average thriller,’ no less.

Here’s an interview I did with the lovely Ceris Aston at The Skinny, where I talk about grabbing you, yes you, by the balls. Metaphorically speaking.

And here’s a thing I did for The Courier called Hello Me. It’s basically a letter to my younger self, where I mostly talk about football. There’s a cute picture of me in a Scotland top. And on the same page there’s a Courier offer for heuchera which, as everyone knows, are famed for their spectacular foliage. Worth checking out that foliage.

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