THE DEAD BEAT – fourth press round up

IMG_0820A handful of interesting press coverage since the last update:

I tackle the Author Confessions over at the Scottish Book Trust, talking about booze, drugs and becoming a gravedigger.

Here’s a big Q&A in The Big Issue in the North, where I talk about Twitter obituaries and the time Dave Grohl bought me a pint.

Over at The Skinny Bram E. Gieben gives the book four stars, bandying the word ‘superior’ around willy-nilly. Cheers!

At Crimewarp, the book gets a lovely write up alongside fellow Faber crimesters Stav Sherez and Adam Creed. Go Team Faber!

Not to be outdone, Gone Again gets a great review in Our Book Reviews, courtesy of Maryom, ‘another great read from Doug Johnstone’, no less.




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