THE DEAD BEAT – third press round-up


Here’s the third instalment of lovely press coverage for The Dead Beat:

There’s a terrific review of the book over at Scots Whay Hae courtesy of Ali Braidwood. ‘If there is a more exciting writer around today, they’ve passed me by,’ he says at the end. Oof!

The Lancashire Evening Post get in on the act, Pam Norfolk raving about the novel. ‘There is an almost tangible sense of expectation and excitement to this rollercoaster tale.’

Harriet Devine gives it the once over at Shiny New Books, and declares herself ‘tremendously impressed’. Cheers!

I had a good blether with Yasmin Sulaiman at The List magazine, about death and all that funny stuff.

Mr Hyde, ‘the in-the-know email for the cultured man’ no less, gave the book a wee write-up and advised ‘the cultured man’ to fill his kindle with it. Good advice!



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